The Regional Growth Fund supports projects and programmes that are using private sector investment to create economic growth and sustainable employment.

Catalyst for Growth is a competitive grants scheme which will enable the creation and safeguarding of jobs in the North West of England’s chemical sector.

On offer to eligible SMEs and larger businesses are funding contributions from £5,000 up to £500,000 and specialist support to develop ideas for grant applications, encouraging increased investment in the industry through undertaking industrial research and development activities, exploiting opportunities for new customers, products and services and ultimately increasing employment and turnover.

Capital grants are available, subject to certain criteria being met, to assist companies to increase their productivity and capacity and/or undertake Research and Development to create new applications or prototypes. For example, investment in:

•   New premises, expansion or adaptation
•   Purchase of plant and machinery; Infrastructure
•   New technologies, systems and software
•   Associated training

Key objectives of the programme are to encourage:

•   Job creation
•   Safeguarding jobs
•   Private sector leverage and match funding

Grants will be awarded to projects that have strong potential to stimulate economic growth and create and/or safeguard jobs that without the funds would otherwise not happen and where other funds are not applicable.

The Catalyst for Growth programme is:

   A capital grants programme for the purchase of equipment and/or capital expenditure
   Targeted towards businesses in the chemicals industry
   Focused on projects that have a strong potential to support the growth of skilled jobs in the chemical
sector in or around the North West of England

The Catalyst for Growth Programme is not:

X Free: every project must demonstrate private sector match funding and clearly identify a strong potential to create skilled employment

Download the Catalyst for Growth information flyer 

Download the Catalyst for Growth eligibility flyer


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