The Catalyst for Growth Programme has so far awarded over £3m in Grant Funding to North West Chemical Companies. Here are a selection of case studies to show the type of companies the programme can support and the impact the funding will have on their business.

UK Renewable Fuels, Grant Awarded £287,000

Location: Knowsley
Project Title: Novus
Company Profile: A manufacturer of liquid bio-fuel, UK Renewable Fuels (UKRF) crerates fuels made from waste materials which are by-products of European pharmaceutical or food industries.

Download the PDF of this case study here.

Hockley International, Grant Awarded £31,192

Location: Manchester
Project: ERP System Implementation
Company Profile: A privately owned manufacturer and exporter of products for agricultural crops, environmental health, animal health, and application equipment used in over 90 countries worldwide.

Download the PDF of this case study here.

ESL Fuels, Grant Awarded £199,200

Location: Ellesmere Port
Project: ESL Hydrocarbon Recovery
Company Profile: A blender and supplier specialising in the manufacture of innovative fuel products, ESL Fuels currently provides a full range of fuels developed specifically for the road, heating, heavy duty haulage and marine markets.

Download the PDF of this case study here.

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