Catalyst for Growth brings together three organisations with significant and complementary expertise:

The University of Chester is the accountable body for the project with overall responsibility for the programme, finances and legal requirements, including the provision of a Scheme Manager to liaise with the funding body for the programme, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Catalyst for Growth is also linked to the University of Chester’s developments at the former Shell Research Centre at Thornton, which the University acquired in March 2013. As a longstanding industrial chemical R&D site, the Thornton Science Park offers significant facilities and resources to the chemicals sector as well as collaborative opportunities for potential grant applicants.

For further information on Thornton:

C-Tech Innovation Ltd (C-Tech) is a specialist research and technology development company with a strong track record in providing business and technical support. C-Tech will work with potential applicants to help identify and develop eligible project ideas that will realise real growth opportunities and will also contribute technical expertise to the appraisal process.

The North West Universities European Unit Ltd (NwUEU) is a subsidiary of the University of Chester and has extensive experience of programme management, monitoring and compliance with funding body requirements. NwUEU will coordinate the competitive calls for grant applications, the appraisal process and programme monitoring throughout the lifetime of the project.


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